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This is the aftermath of Nicaragua's protests against Ortega

“The way we see it, we’re at a stalemate,” said Harley Morales, a 26-year-old sociology student. “A catastrophic, destructive stalemate."
David Noriega
Collapse of Civilizations

Cleopatra's Downfall Was Partly Sparked by Climate Change and Volcanoes

And ours could be too.
Becky Ferreira

Photographing the Ukraine Revolution

A new book by Tommy Sussex documents the 2014 unrest.
Tommy Sussex
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No, the Baltimore Orioles Didn't Lose $7.5 Million Because of the Riots

Asking how much money the Orioles lost as a result of the riots is the wrong question, but if you're going to ask, at least answer it correctly.
Aaron Gordon

Istanbul's Kurdish Riots

VICE News traveled to Istanbul, where a memorial march for two fighters who died in Kobane devolved into a night of chaos.
VICE Staff
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Europeans Presumed Kidnapped in Libya

Three Europeans working for an Italian construction company in western Libya are missing and presumed kidnapped.
Liz Fields
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When the Pentagon Wants to Predict Unrest, It's Time to Be Unpredictable

A multi-million dollar DoD research project assumes civil breakdown and works to contain dissent. It's time to think outside the box.
Natasha Lennard

Not Satisfied With Blocking Twitter and TV, Venezuela Shuts Off the Internet

Amid escalating protests, it will expand a government agency's powers to monitor and censor any online communication it deems a national security threat.
Meghan Neal

A Hundred Thousand People Marched in São Paulo Monday

What began as a demonstration against the rising cost of public transportation in São Paulo has become a full-on national movement giving voice to anger about how the Brazilian government has been spending its tax money.
Photos by Raphael Tognini