civilian deaths


2018 was the deadliest year on record for civilians in Afghanistan

“The fact that the number of children killed this year is the highest on record is particularly shocking.”


For the first time, the US has said how many civilians died in airstrikes outside war zones

The long-awaited report from the Obama administration provides an estimate of civilian deaths that is much lower than previous independent estimates.


Yemeni Troops Retake Al-Qaeda Port City Stronghold

The southern port of Mukalla had become the de facto capital of Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, as the militant group capitalized on Yemen's war to make territorial gains


We Spoke to the Activists Live-Tweeting Airstrikes on Islamic State's Raqqa Stronghold

Members of the underground activist group Raqqa Is Being Slaughtered Silently confirmed that the attacks so far appear to have hit only non-civilian targets.


Video Shows Nightmarish Scenes After Rocket Barrage in Eastern Ukraine

Footage from the immediate aftermath of a rocket attack on Mariupol shows several dead and wounded civilians, burned out buildings, and blocks strewn with broken glass and rubble.


Someone Dies Violently Every 10 Minutes in Brazil — and Police Are Part of the Problem

Brazilian police officers have killed more civilians than their American counterparts in the last 30 years, despite the United States having roughly 115 million more people.


A Bomb Seemingly Misses Its Mark in Ukraine, and 11 More Civilians Die

Air strikes rattled the city of Snizhne in eastern Ukraine Tuesday. Pro-Russia rebels blamed Kiev, and some in Kiev seemed to blame Russia.