cj mccollum


We Are All C.J. McCollum

And goddamnit, Jennifer, we are trying.


The Durant-McCollum Beef is the Purity of Sports

KD spoke nothing but the truth to C.J. Even between world class athletes, one has to be better than the other and come out on top.


C.J. McCollum Posts Cryptic Picture of Melo in a Blazers Jersey

But what all could it mean?!


How Mason Plumlee Makes Portland's Offense Tick

As much as anyone not named Lillard or McCollum, Mason Plumlee has become a foundational piece of the Portland Trail Blazers' offense.


The Blazers Are Capped Out, But Not Locked In

No team has had a weirder offseason than Portland, which spent $269 million on keeping last year's solid-but-not-great team intact. But there's more to it than that.


The Blazers Are Weird in the Most Disciplined Way, and They're Winning

How the Blazers took advantage of a down year in the West, got pretty weird within a very disciplined system, and maybe figured out something big. Maybe.


How Portland Is Rewriting the NBA Rebuilding Script

The Blazers' rebuilding playbook seemed predictable, but so far this season has turned out to be anything but. Challenges remain for one of the NBA's youngest teams, but Portland is enjoying their unexpected playoff run—and proving doubters wrong.


The Delightful, Liberated, Totally Fun Anti-Relevance of the Portland Trail Blazers

The Portland Trail Blazers aren't that good, and almost certainly won't make the playoffs. They're playing like they know it, and it's an absolute blast to watch.