Clairmont The Second


Watch Clairmont The Second's Ultra-Abstract Mini-Documentary 'Short Talk'

One of Toronto's most exciting rappers combines music video, concert footage, and monologues into one compelling package.


Award Shows Need Rappers More Than Rappers Need Award Shows

In a time when Daniel Caesar and Drake run streaming, will the JUNOs properly recognize the Black artists drawing attention to Canada's music scene?


Clairmont The Second Shouts Out Toronto's West Side in Somber "44 Me" Video

"I want to be the guy to put this place on the map."


Check Out Clairmont the Second's Colorful, Dynamic "No Favors" Video

The song is a slapper of slappers, too.


Toronto Producer DirtyDeeds Says 'Let's Be Friends' with New EP

The EP covers every genre imaginable and features Clairmont the Second among others.


Premiere: Play Along with Clairmont The Second as He Makes You Feel "Pretty"

Can time just stop moving for a second so we can catch up on the last cool thing?


Watch Clairmont The Second Tread the Dangerous Waters of Love with a Nintendo 64 in "Flame Princess"

It's Adventure Time for Clairmont The Second as he searches for a soulmate in "Flame Princess"