A New Theory for Why Hot Climates Spawn Violence

A new theory on why high temperatures get people heated.


Russian Fans Clash With England Fans After Euro Match, Causing Dangerous Stampede

A scary scene as women and children were trampled by stampeding crowds, rushing for an exit.


Quick Hit: Roma Fight Russian Police Over Energy Access

Riot police in southern Russia clash with members of a Roma community near the city of Tula over unauthorized use of the local energy supply.


Back to the Basement: Wiley and Kano Are Considering a Rematch at Lord of the Mics 8

Posts on Jammer's Instagram show Wiley texting the LOTM organiser to arrange a match up.


Tear Gas and Rubber Bullets Disrupt Istanbul Gay Pride Parade

VICE News reports from Istanbul, where Turkish police used tear gas, rubber bullets, and water cannons to break up the annual gay pride march.


Anti-Fascists Clash with Pegida Movement in Vienna: Hate in Europe

VICE News traveled to Vienna for the rally of the Austrian branch of right-wing group Pegida, to find out what motivated its supporters, as well as anti-Pegida demonstrators, to take to the streets.


Austria's Young Far Right

Europe's young nationalists clash with police in Vienna.


Swedish Neo-Nazis Had a Fight in the Woods

A peaceful demonstration against racism and neo-Nazism turned violent when a group of neo-Nazis marched in carrying flares.


Swedish Neo-Nazis Had a Fight in the Woods

This past Sunday a peaceful demonstration against racism and neo-Nazism in Kärrtorp's main square turned violent when a group of around 30 neo-Nazis marched in carrying smoking flares. About half an hour after the battle begin it had moved from the...


A Chat with the Executive Secretary of Congo's Rampant M23 Rebels

For 20-odd years, the eastern regions of Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) have played host to a terribly complicated and bloody conflict. The latest chapter in that history has seen the rise of the M23 rebellion; a mutiny of former rebels who are so...


Channel One Still Smoke The Herb And Party All Night

And they're still going to beat the young guns at Red Bull's Culture Clash.