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EFF Hits AT&T With Class Action Lawsuit for Selling Customers’ Location to Bounty Hunters

The lawsuit, which comes after multiple Motherboard investigations into phone location data selling, is seeking an injunction against AT&T which would try to enforce the deletion of any sold data.
Joseph Cox
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Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, and AT&T Hit With Class Action Lawsuit Over Selling Customers’ Location Data

The lawsuits come after a Motherboard investigation showed AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile sold phone location data that ended up with bounty hunters, and The New York Times covered an instance of Verizon selling data.
Joseph Cox

How Trump Could Make It Easier for Corporations to Screw You Over

Do you know what the Seventh Amendment is?
Aaron Kase

LGBTQ Vets Are Suing the Canadian Government for Forcing Them to Admit Their Sexualities

A former sailor said he was strapped to a polygraph machine and forced to admit he was gay.
Steven Goetz
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Now Starbucks Is Being Sued for Putting Too Much Ice in Its Drinks

The $5 million lawsuit argues that the coffee company has been duping customers with over-iced drinks for the last ten years.
Helen Donahue

Lawsuit Claims Vape Company Lied About the Chemicals It Puts in E-Juice

A group of vapers has filed a class action, multimillion-dollar lawsuit against Five Pawns.
Kaleigh Rogers

Ashley Madison Knew It Was a Target for Hackers, Alleged Leak Shows

The company feared "a data leak resulting in a class action lawsuit against us."
Joseph Cox