Classical Music


Scientists Saw Chopin's Pickled Heart and Now They Know What Killed Him

There's something for every music fan in this extremely disgusting story.


A Brief History of the Trill in Heavy Metal

The stylistic embellishment, most commonly used in classical music, has found a second life on a variety of heavy metal albums.


This couple bucked stereotypes to start a violin business from home

Robert Wood is a violin maker in Salt Lake City who quit his job at a renowned violin shop to start his own business.


Björk Just Explained Why She’s Releasing a Book of Sheet Music

The Icelandic artist takes "a soft feminist stance" in a letter that also includes the track list for '34 Scores for Piano, Organ, Harpsichord and Celeste.'


Watching Candy Melt in Reverse to Classical Music Is the Best

Mass-produced sweets get a fiery death to Vivaldi in a fun little short by Erwin Trummer.


Jeff Mills Announces New Album, 'Planets'

The techno stalwart said that album will be an “electronic classical” concept record.


Carl Craig Fuses Techno and Classical Music in New Album, ‘Versus’

"'Versus' is my desire and dream come true to have my music interpreted by an orchestra.”


Improv Dancer Lil Buck Jooks His Way Past the Art World’s Finest

The well-known Jooker glides past all-star paintings inside a Frank Gehry art venue.


Old, Male, and Stale: The Women Fighting Classical Music's Woman Problem

Since the dawn of time, women have been told they shouldn't compose because it's "unfeminine". A new program out of Sydney is changing that, one talented female composer at a time.


Elizabeth Peyton and Marching Church Put the Pain Back in Painting

Inside: proof that painting, classical music, and rock 'n' roll aren't dead.


Vivaldi’s "The Four Seasons" Meets Electropop and Painted Visuals

British composer Anna Meredith recontextualizes Everybody knows the mega-famous concerto. But not like this.


A Burger King in San Francisco Is Blasting Classical Music 24/7

Why not just constantly blast the shit out of some classical music in the hopes of deterring would-be loiterers? After all, there couldn’t possibly be a loiterer out there with enough class to stomach the tunes, right?