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At 34 Years Old, Jason Vargas Finds His Inner Ace

Vargas's pitches haven't changed, but by making small tweaks around the margins, the Royals' journeyman starter has become one of the best pitchers in baseball.


Who You Got? 25 Clayton Kershaws or 25 Mike Trouts?

We asked pro scouts who they would take: a team made up of Kershaw clones or a team made up of Trout clones?


The Last Time the Cubs Made It To the World Series...

All kinds of things had and hadn't happened before 1945 and 1908. Get ready to know all about them soon enough.


Dodgers Catcher Says He Knows Cubs are Stealing Signs

“Did we know Zobrist had the signs and was doing something for it? Yeah, we did."


Rich Hill Is Mr. October: David Roth's Weak in Review

The Los Angeles Dodgers outlasted the Washington Nationals in the NLDS in a long and grueling game that's already a classic. It was also October in microcosm.


Clayton Kershaw Is Back Just in Time

Clayton Kershaw made his second start since returning from injury, but it was the first where it felt like he was back.


The Dodgers Traded Good Vibes for a Good(ish) Bat off the Bench

In trading Carlos Ruiz for A.J. Ellis, the Phillies and Dodgers swapped back-up catchers and local favorites.


Another Disappointing Chapter in Clayton Kershaw's Career

What was Clayton Kershaw thinking? He wasn't.


Bald Eagles and Cotton Eye Joes: Dave Brown's Unscientific MLB Power Rankings

This week in baseball, a bald eagle flew free and so did Fernando Rodney. And make way for Freudis Nova.


Cleveland Streaking, Pitchers Aching, Trades Looming: This Particular Week In Baseball

The Indians kicked baseball's collective asses for a couple weeks, and are for real. Clayton Kershaw's back is hurt, and the Dodgers are really screwed.


The Greatest Swing in History, and the Worst Inning: Dave Brown's Unscientific MLB Power Rankings

This week, Ronald Torreyes Swings for the fences, Cleveland reaches for the history books, and Clayton Kershaw displays a rare sign of mortality.


Yasiel Puig Runs Home and Jobu Returns to Cleveland: Dave Brown's Unscientific Power Rankings

This week in baseball, Eugenio Suarez actually makes a play, Melky Cabrera leaps out of the box, and James Shields gets his ERA down under 20.