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India wants to use flesh-eating turtles to rid the Ganges River of decomposing bodies

The Ganges River in India is one of the most sacred to Hindus. But it's also one of the most polluted in the world.
Agnes Walton
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People Are Now Getting Free Weed to Pick Up Trash

A local dispensary in Maine recently traded residents a gram for each trash bag they filled with litter after being inspired by a similar "gifting" scheme in Colorado.
Drew Schwartz
Holy Shit

Practice Your Footwork with Towkio, Chance the Rapper, and The Era in the Video for "Clean Up"

Chicago knows how to dance, and this video for the track off Towkio's '.Wav Theory' is all the proof you need.
Kyle Kramer

This Former Nuclear Industry Executive Claims the Fukushima Cleanup Plan Is Infeasible

We talked to nuclear industry engineer Arnie Gunderson about the ongoing aftermath of the infamous 2011 nuclear disaster.
Thomas Marsh

The Messy Aftermath of the Calgary Stampede

Pity the souls that clean up after western Canada's biggest party.
Shaun Robinson

Council To Spend $250k Making Sure No One Comes To Their NYE Party

The best way to make sure no one comes to your party is to not have any beer.
Mitch Parker

So, You Moved Into a Meth Lab

You and your husband are regular 9-to-5 types with a kid named Joel. You move to a regular 9-to-5 type suburb where the rent is manageable and the neighbours seem nice. Then Joel starts getting sick. His skin breaks out and he coughs at night. Soon you...
Julian Morgans
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The Next Massive Oil Spill Will Be Cleaned With Sound

This week marks the two year anniversary of BP's megalithic oil spill debacle. Unlike the similarly catastrophic Exxon Valdez crash in 1989, which clocked in at a mere 250- 750 thousand barrels or spillage, the Deepwater Horizon disaster not only cost...
Lara Heintz