A Guide to Understanding All the Clichés You'll Hear This NHL Season

Players and commentators have a collection of go-to hockey phrases that they love spewing out. Here's what those nonsense words actually mean.
Kyle Cantlon

PREMIERE: Here's The Temper Trap's Latest Anthem "Burn"

The Aussie quartet's latest single's inspiring us to wheel out the all the clichés, damnit.
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Taylor Swift Gets Interviewed by Ryan Adams and the Singularity Is Complete

Let's "break the internet."
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The Indie Rebel Is Just a Hollow Cliché In a Leather Jacket

The “cocky prick” has been a staple character in UK indie for decades, but as guitar bands become politically impotent has the role lost all meaning?
Emma Garland

A Psychologist Explains Why People Get Bad Tattoos

Clichéd tattoos are "kind of like a safety blanket to give your life meaning," says Dr. Kirby Farrell.
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Ben Gibbard Has a Cold

The Death Cab for Cutie frontman sits down to talk 'Kintsugi,' divorce, and the struggles of living as a creative person.
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How Fronting a Band Made Me a Better Political Pundit

Did I start a band to escape the pain of being a Republican who defends his views regularly on the internet and TV? Maybe. But I learned that being in a band made me a better pundit, and not just because putting on eyeliner and a black-sequin jacket...
James Poulos