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Here's an Interactive Map That Shows How Climate Change Will Affect Your Town in 60 Years

If we do nothing to curb greenhouse gas emissions, the weather in New York City will feel like Alabama and Los Angeles will be as hot as the tip of the Baja Peninsula.
Becky Ferreira

Climate Change Will Alter the Color of Half of Earth’s Oceans by 2100

Phytoplankton blooms tint the oceans green, which means their response to warmer waters will shake up the ocean color scheme.
Becky Ferreira
climate change

Humans May Reverse a 50 Million Year Climate Trend After Just Two Centuries

50 million years ago, the world started cooling. The industrial revolution marked the beginning of the end of this climate trend.
Daniel Oberhaus
team earth

Stop Saying 'Humans Suck' Because of Climate Change, Says Astrobiologist

Adam Frank’s new book Light of the Stars explores how the search for intelligent alien life in the universe can help humans combat climate change on Earth.
Becky Ferreira
climate change

Can the Endangered Species Act Adapt to Climate Change?

If threatened species are going to survive climate change, so must the Endangered Species Act.
Sarah Emerson
climate change

All the Ways Birds Are Getting Screwed by Climate Change

Rising sea levels, food shortages, disease and more.
Matthew Braga

This Simulation Found Most Glaciers Near Mount Everest Could Be Gone By 2100

One model showed glacier mass loss ranging between 70 and 99 per cent. Thanks, climate change.
Jacqueline Ronson

The Most Important Models in the World

They require massive supercomputers, they simulate the Earth's future, they're poorly understood—and they're analyzed above the Seinfeld diner in New York.
Brian Merchant