Inside a Trans Clinic Run by Trans People in the Red Light District

When other resources fail them, Trans United Clinic helps trans people in Amsterdam get the health care they need.


Neil Gorsuch just gave the first glimpse of how he might rule on abortion issues

The case will decide whether to block a 2015 California law regulating crisis pregnancy centers on First Amendment grounds.


Turkey Will Now Let Syrian Doctors Treat Refugees Legally

After working illegally in their new country of residence, select MDs will get accredited.


STD Infections Are at an All-Time High in the US

Experts believe STD clinic closures across the country are to blame for the major surge in chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis infections last year.


A Comic That Shows the Tough Reality of Getting an Abortion in Brazil

After learning she's pregnant, Cynthia encounters emotional and logistical obstacles when trying to access safe and legal abortion services in Brazil.


We Asked a Panel of Experts How They Would Tackle the Issues Around Chemsex

Left unchallenged, it's only going to negatively impact the lives of many more gay men.


Doctors Aren’t Happy That UNC Named Its Children's Clinic After Krispy Kreme

You might think naming a children’s hospital after a doughnut manufacturer is a bad idea, but then you wouldn’t be the University of North Carolina’s NC Children’s Specialty Clinic, now known as the Krispy Kreme Challenge Children’s Specialty Clinic.


Man Fails Paternity Test Because His DNA Is Mixed with That of His Unborn Twin

The weirdest “Maury” outcome possible.


Australian Heroin Addicts Can't Use Ibogaine to Kick the Habit

Many swear by the addiction-ridding powers of the controversial psychotropic plant, but it remains banned in Australia.


Inside the Turkish Clinic Where Students Are Fitting Syrians With New Legs

Crammed with patients and technicians, there is a steady hum of Arabic, a clicking of metal joints, and the occasional peel of laughter.


A Visit to the Turkish Clinic Where Students Are Fitting Syrians with New Legs

With the Syrian Civil War still in a deadlock, and the regime’s continuing campaign of indiscriminate mass bombings, more patients will find their way to al Masri's clinic. After their visits, many will return to the front lines a few days later.



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