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VICE Does America

What I Learned as a Black Man Traveling Through the Terrifying Heart of America

As I traveled the nation for VICE, I saw some Americans yearning for a time that had long since passed, a time that they barely understood, a time that was defined by white supremacy.
Wilbert L. Cooper

Confronting Racism and White Nostalgia on Cliven Bundy's Ranch

The Nevada rancher wants to break all the rules in a game that's been fixed for him.
Wilbert L. Cooper
VICE Does America

Watch the Full First Episode of Our New VICELAND Series 'VICE Does America'

The gang kicks off their epic cross-country road trip with a stop at Cliven Bundy's Nevada ranch to talk about state sovereignty and his racist statements. But they couldn't leave without firing off a few guns.
VICE Staff
VICE Does America

We Meet Notorious Rancher Cliven Bundy on the First Episode of 'VICE Does America'

Watch the premiere episode of our new series 'VICE Does America' tonight at 10 PM on VICELAND.
VICE Staff

What We Know About the Crackdown on Cliven Bundy and the Oregon Occupiers

The People vs. Citizens for Constitutional Freedom isn't going to be a simple trial.
Mike Pearl
The VICE Guide to the 2016 Election

How Donald Trump Won Nevada's Cliven Bundy Vote

If Ted Cruz can't win Bunkerville, where can he win?
Grace Wyler

Are the Patriot Groups from Our HBO Episode 'We the People' a Real Threat to You?

Is the current occupation in Oregon an active armed insurgency, or a bunch of dudes camping in a backwoods visitor center?
Mike Pearl

A Brief History of Americans Revolting Against Their Government

Americans have looked for a reason to rebel against stuff since our nation's founding.
Michael Hafford

What Are Armed Militiamen Really Doing in That Oregon Wildlife Refuge?

The Bundy Revolution doesn't seem to be catching on.
Mike Pearl

This Nevada State Assemblywoman Wants to Throw the Feds in Jail

Michele Fiore is Sarah Palin and Charlton Heston wrapped up in one "strong-ass woman" body.
Alex Pompliano

What’s Behind All the Right-Wing Cop Shootings?

In the days since Jerad and Amanda Miller shot and killed two cops in Las Vegas, a portrait has emerged of a young couple that had fallen deep into the rabbit hole of right-wing conspiracy theories.
Grace Wyler

Shit We Googled This Week, Kia Spectra Edition

What do any of us know, really?
Noisey Staff