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Cloudflare Is Protecting a Site Linked to a Neo-Nazi Terror Group

The Silicon Valley giant is protecting a site linked to a known neo-Nazi terror group from virtual attacks aimed at knocking it offline.
Ben Makuch
Mack Lamoureux
Joseph Cox

Cloudflare Boots 8chan as a Customer

Cloudflare's move comes after multiple mass shooters have posted so-called manifestos to the anonymous message board.
Joseph Cox

Cloudflare Says It Won’t Ban 8chan, a Hotbed for Terrorist Manifestos

Cloudflare is facing renewed pressure to stop providing their services to 8chan, which if removed, would likely make it harder for the site administrators to keep the message board online.
Joseph Cox

Cloudflare: FOSTA Was a 'Very Bad Bill' That's Left the Internet's Infrastructure Hanging

Cloudflare’s general counsel confirms that it terminated service to Switter because of FOSTA.
Samantha Cole
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Cloudflare Just Banned a Social Media Refuge for Thousands of Sex Workers

Switter had more than 47,000 members, many looking for a safe alternative to Twitter and other big internet platforms, before Cloudflare terminated its service. The organization behind Switter is blaming SESTA/FOSTA.
Samantha Cole

Cloudflare Terminates Service to 'The Pirate Bay of Science'

Supporters tell Sci-Hub to “stay strong” while academic publications celebrate their victory.
Rebecca Flowers

One of the Internet's Gatekeepers Is Eyeing Sneaky Cryptocurrency Miners

Websites are hijacking computers to mine digital coins.
Jordan Pearson
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Cloudflare CEO: DDoS Attacks Will Now Be ‘Something You Only Read About In The History Books’

Starting today, Cloudflare is making protection against DDoS attacks free, regardless of how bad they are.
Louise Matsakis
Radio Motherboard

Big Tech’s Blackballing of Neo-Nazi Sites Shows Who Controls the Internet

This week on Radio Motherboard, we talk about whether corporations should decide who gets to stay online.
Louise Matsakis
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Hacked Celebrity Nudes Show ‘Freedom of Speech’ Is Arbitrarily Defined By Internet Corporations

The same companies that took action against the Daily Stormer are enabling the dissemination of hacked celebrity nude photos.
Louise Matsakis
Jason Koebler
Vice News Tonight

Meet the CEO who kicked neo-Nazis off the internet

“I am deeply concerned that I had the authority and the power to wake up one morning and say, 'You know what, I'm done. I'm sick of this. So fuck 'em. They're off the internet.'”
The VICE Guide to Right Now

White Supremacist Chris Cantwell Got Booted from His Favorite Dating Site

OkCupid is the latest tech company to cut ties with members of hate groups using their platforms.
Drew Schwartz