Cluster Bombs

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After Dropping Thousands of Bombs on Yemen, Saudi Arabia Is Freaked Out by the UN's Interest

The Saudi Government is pushing hard to stop a United Nations Security Council resolution on the humanitarian situation in Yemen — a situation that the Saudi-led war in Yemen has helped to create.
Samuel Oakford
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Saudi Coalition Is Dropping US-Supplied Cluster Bombs on Civilians in Yemen, Rights Group Says

Saudi Arabia's coalition in Yemen is using internationally banned cluster munition explosives supplied by the United States, despite evidence of civilian casualties and the fact that the weapons fall short of US weaponry standards.
Atoosa Moinzadeh
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Banned Cluster Bombs Were Used in Assad's Latest Russian-Backed Offensives in Syria

Cluster bombs unleash an array of smaller bomblets that strike indiscriminately and often linger unexploded, only to later kill or maim unexpectedly. A 2008 UN convention outlawed the weapons, but it hasn't been ratified by Russia, the US, or Syria.
Samuel Oakford
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Inside Yemen: Film Shows Remnants of US-made Bomb That Killed Civilians

With international media unable to enter Yemen's capital Sanaa, local journalist Yousef Mawry shot footage for VICE News. His images show remnants of a US-made bomb in the rubble of a civilian home.
Tom Dale
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Yemeni President Calls Houthi Rebels 'Stooges of Iran' as Saudi-led Airstrikes Continue

As the rebels continued to advance on key cities in Yemen’s south, human rights groups warned that the airstrikes against them lack precision and are harming civilians.
Olivia Becker

'I Couldn’t Move for Five Minutes from Fear': An Investigation Into Cluster Bombs in Eastern Ukraine

VICE News commissioned an independent conflict damage assessment report into cluster munition attacks in Eastern Ukraine, the first of its kind in the region.
Harriet Salem
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Yemen's Military Really Doesn't Want Anyone to Know About Civilian Casualties

Journalists and activists investigating civilian casualties in Yemen's US-backed fight against al Qaeda are facing a fight of their own.
Iona Craig
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US Cluster Bombs Keep Killing Civilians in Yemen

Unexploded cluster bombs often kill people a decade after they're dropped. More than 100 countries have banned them — so why not the US?
Ben Anderson and Peter Salisbury

Cluster Headaches: Inside the US Army's Would-Be Mind-Control Bombs

How do you covertly dose a mid- to full-size enemy brigade with mania-inducing incapacitants? Cracking open the M43 and M44 cluster bombs, the short-lived weapons technology at the center of America's post-World War II psychowars.
Brian Anderson