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Pruitt Takes $1,600 First-Class Flights to Avoid His Haters in Economy

Like one passenger who reportedly walked up to the EPA chief and told him he was "fucking up the environment."
Drew Schwartz
Nice Job!

Meet a Woman Who Helps Dump People for a Living

We talked to a breakup coach about exit plans, dealing with breakups on social media, and whether it’s better to be the dumper or the dumpee.
Tiffy Thompson
Danny Lee

Danny Lee Drives His Swing Coach Insane

Danny Lee is one of the more unique characters on the PGA Tour. The balance he strikes between goofball and pro golfer can be attributed to his Swing Coach, Drew Steckel.
VICE Sports

12 Years at Tiger: Insights from the Head Trainer of Thailand's Biggest Gym

When Phet first signed on to be a trainer at a tiny new gym with only a handful of students, he never expected it would explode into the mega-gym it is today.
Lindsey Newhall

How First Class Passengers Are Ruining Air Travel

What do you mean the peanuts aren’t free!!??
Sarah Emerson

McGregor's Striking Coach: "Diaz Is Definitely Open to Body Shots"

Owen Roddy predicted McGregor’s victory over Aldo to a tee when we interviewed him back in December. This time, the padman to the stars gives his thoughts on the Diaz matchup.
Aanu Adeoye

Renowned Ghanaian Boxing Trainer Passes Away at 56

We bid farewell to Godwin Nii Dzanie, trainer of fighters like Joshua Clottey, Joseph Agbeko and Azumah Nelson.
Nick Wong

McGregor's Striking Coach: Conor will Embarrass Aldo

We asked Conor McGregor's striking coach, Owen Roddy, how he sees the unification bout between 'The Notorious' and Jose Aldo going down.
Peter Carroll

Despite All His Rage, Tom Thibodeau Is Still Just a Rat In a Cage

The impotent rage of Tom Thibodeau is a sight to behold, mostly because it captures the impotent rage of the fans who lionize coaches.
Colin McGowan

Jim Harbaugh or the Zodiac Killer? An Important Quiz

You say Jim Harbaugh is definitely not the Zodiac Killer. We say take this quiz first and then make an informed decision.
David Roth

Amputee Soccer Teams Are Popping Up All over Europe

An interview with Michael Jacobs, the coach of Belgium's national amp soccer squad.
Pete Wu