It's Friday, March 1, and You Can Buy the Now-Dilapidated Burgermobile from 'Good Burger'

Plus, Huge Ass Beers and Giant Ass Beer are facing off in federal court over who owns the rights to, uh, big-ass beers.


We Regret to Inform You 7,000 Live Bugs and Spiders Are Missing from a Museum

Along with entire colonies of cockroaches, snakes, and something called a "red spot assassin bug."


300 Million Cockroaches Eat Restaurant Waste on This Chinese Farm

When the roaches die, their bodies are powdered and made into feed. It's the wonderful circle of life!


The White House Is Infested with Roaches and Ants

Melania's Christmas decorations aren't the only terrifying thing going on at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.


Does Finding a Roach Mean My Place is Gross?

Seeing a bug does mean there are likely more—a lot more.


All of the Terrible Things I Learned While Working as a Barista at a Global Coffee Chain

There were mice in the madeleines. There were mice behind the walk-in. There were mice giving birth in bags of powdered frappé mix in the basement.


Miami's Restaurants Have a Massive Cockroach Problem

More than 41 Miami restaurants have been cited for roach infestations in the past month alone.


Meet the Scientists Who Are Making Bread with Cockroach Flour

Two scientists from the Federal University of Rio Grande, in Brazil, have developed a flour made of cockroaches that contains 40 percent more protein than the normal wheat flour.


Why We Should Drink Cockroach Milk

Bear with me here.


Cockroach Milk Is the Protein Drink of the Future

An international team of scientists from the US, Japan, Canada, France, and India are pleased to say that the milk protein crystals found in cockroaches are, in fact, a “fantastic” protein supplement.


Americans Like Head Lice, Root Canals, and Hipsters More than Trump, Says Poll

The only things people could honestly say were worse than Trump, according to the survey, were cockroaches and hemorrhoids​.


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