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This Hong Kong Bar Owner Learned How to Make Cocktails on Wikipedia

Little Lab—which specializes in Chinese twists of classic cocktails—got famous for a cocktail that played on sweet pork knuckle and vinegar stew.
Kate Springer
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The Best Cocktail Bars in New York City

We all love our mediocre gin and tonics from the nearest dive bars, but sometimes you just need a classy, stiff drink.
Munchies Staff
Los Angeles

Where to Find LA's Best Cocktails

Whether you’re hoping to quench your thirst in what is allegedly the nation’s first mezcal bar or down some daiquiris at a members-only rum bar, LA is the city for you.
Munchies Staff

The 13 Best Cocktail Bars in Austin

From the oldest hotel bar in the city to a mid-century space hidden in a parking garage, here are the best spots to grab a proper cocktail in Austin.
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These Are the Best Places to Grab a Cocktail in San Francisco

From pre-prohibition saloons to rum-drenched tiki bars, San Francisco is the home to every sort of cocktail bar your thirst-addled gourd could imagine.
Munchies Staff
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Sex Rooms and Giant Peacocks: Inside Hong Kong's Fantasy Drinking Dens

It started, of all places, with a children’s book.
Kate Springer

Where to Find the Best Cocktails in Boston

Even the most die-hard IPA fanatic needs a proper old-fashioned once in awhile.
Munchies Staff

Hong Kong's Most Famous Cocktail Is a Tower of Foam and Faux Caviar

The Earl Grey Caviar Martini's sky-high coiffe of white foam sits on top of a bed of bright orange boba-like beads, casting a shadow over Hong Kong’s cocktail scene.
Kate Springer