Someone Tell the Kid Selling Hot Chocolate for the Border Wall that Cocoa Came From Mexico

Benton Stevens’s parents are members of the RNC and vocal Trump supporters, but his mother swears that this is all his idea.
Jelisa Castrodale
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Wake and Bake with Weed-and-Chai Hot Chocolate

We asked Brian Wallace—an ethnobotanist and founder of Endorfin Chocolate—to show us how to make a third-eye-opening cup of weed hot chocolate, guaranteed to start your day off right.
Munchies Staff
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These Cookies Are Called 'Uglies,' But Taste Beautiful

They might have a butterface, but their filling is oh-so-sweet.
Munchies Staff
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How to Make the Best Vegan Brownies You've Ever Had in Your Life

We've all had the dry, miserable, loathsome versions of vegan pastries that come plastic-wrapped next to the checkout aisle of your favorite overpriced health-food store. These are something else.

Why a Vegan Pork Substitute Could Soon Be Used to Make Chocolate

As a global cocoa bean shortage looms, scientists from the American Chemical Society say that jackfruit seeds—which have a similar aroma to cocoa—could play a vital role in chocolate manufacturing.
Daisy Meager

Vegan Chocolate Brownies Recipe

These brownies are dairy-free, egg-free, and gluten-free, but you wouldn't know it when sinking your teeth into their chocolatey goodness.
Munchies Staff

Will a Chocolate Pill Actually Make Us All Live Longer?

The results will tell us whether eating chocolate will keep us alive longer and it may be the impetus for the creation of a chocolate pill.
Alex Swerdloff

How Sucre Became the Chocolate Capital of Bolivia

Nearly anyone you ask in Sucre has an opinion on who makes the best chocolate in town, which is considered Bolivia's chocolate capital despite being located nowhere near the country's chocolate growing regions.
Aaron Kase

This Guy Eats Chocolate for Every Meal and Is Probably Healthier Than You

Chocolatier Willie Harcourt-Cooze reckons he eats the equivalent of 36 kilograms of 100 percent cacao a year, which is like eating the chocolate content of 137 kilograms of Cadbury’s Dairy Milk.
Johanna Derry

The Real Cost of Chocolate Is More Than You Think

With a price tag of $270 for just 50 grams, To'ak is one of the world's most expensive chocolates, and yet its founders don't even have the luxury of indulging in their own product.
Melissa Kitson

Eating Chocolate Makes Your Brain Work Better

A recent study undertaken by researchers at the University of Maine found that chocolate intake was “positively associated” with cognitive performance.
Nick Rose

Candy Makers Are Desperate to Reverse a Potential "Chocopalypse"

It’s a lot to think about, and you’re probably not going to do so next time you unwrap a candy bar. But half a world away, a farmer is urging his plants to grow more and bigger cocoa pods for an industry that produces one of the most loved food...
Wyatt Marshall