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Everything We Now Know About 'Big Lebowski' Spinoff 'The Jesus Rolls'

Every new detail makes it sound stranger and stranger.
River Donaghey
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This 'Big Lebowski' Ad Will Not Stand, Man

Has the whole world gone crazy?
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The Trailer for the Coen Brothers' Netflix Western Film Is Gorgeous

And features Liam Neeson in a crazy bear suit.
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The VICE Morning Bulletin

The VICE Morning Bulletin

North Korea plans to strike waters off Guam by mid August, FBI raids Manafort's home in Russia probe, trans military personnel sue Trump, and more.
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The Coen Brothers' First TV Show Is Coming to Netflix

“We are streaming motherfuckers!” the duo said about their new western series 'The Ballad of Buster Scruggs.'
Lauren Messman
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Looks Like John Turturro Is Filming a 'Big Lebowski' Spin-Off

Sources close to the actor and director have corroborated the rumors, though Turturro himself has yet to say anything about resurrecting Jesus.
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The Truth About the Tyrannical Hollywood Fixer Who Inspired 'Hail, Caesar!'

Tracing the career of Eddie Mannix, the MGM general manager who allegedly helped to cover up rape, abortion, and possibly even murder.
Christina Newland

NEWMAN!: The @Seinfeld2000 Wayne Knight Interview

The actor who played Newman on "Seinfeld" speaks with the universe's authority on all things Seinfeld."

This Gorgeous New Film Was Inspired by an Early Internet Legend About 'Fargo'

"Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter" is based on a bizarre urban legend about a Japanese woman died in North Dakota on a quest for fictitious treasure.
Matthew Caron
The Film That Made Me...

'The Big Lebowski' Was the Film That Taught Me to Take It Easy, Man

After my life fell into shambles, I began to embrace the Lebowskian philosophy of the Coen Brothers' comic masterpiece-my "becoming-Dude," if you will.
Scott Oliver

Tim and Eric Tell Us About Their Greatest Fears

We talked to them about their new show, the underlying terror that lies beneath the surface of the everyday, and...boys!!!
Megan Koester

A Visit to the 2014 'Big Lebowski' Convention

There's been a weird arms race of costume obscurity going on since these started in 2002. A classic Dude getup may have once been a good way to get recognized for your effort, but not anymore. Now you have to dig deeper into that barrel to come up with...
Mike Pearl