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New Orleans

The 13 Best Places to Get Coffee in New Orleans

Here are our picks for the best and brightest coffee spots in all of New Orleans.
Munchies Staff

The Majority of People Might Just Genuinely Prefer Cheap Coffee

A full 67 percent of testers liked the cheap stuff better. When Rossen blind-tested three of his coworkers, all three of them preferred the cheap coffee.
Alex Swerdloff

The EU Is Tackling Climate Change With Snazzy New Espresso Machines

The European Commission has committed to spending €1.6 million (about $1.8 million) to create an “eco-efficient and healthy” espresso machine.
Alex Swerdloff

Will €10 Coffee Be the Death of French Café Culture?

Bonnus wanted to encourage the sale of alcohol at his brasserie after 5 PM, so he hiked the price of a cup of coffee way up, and now he says he is being insulted and bullied on social media.
Alex Swerdloff

The Deconstructed Coffee That Has Australians in an Uproar

The "deconstructed flat white"—three separate beakers of hot water, milk, and espresso served atop a wooden board—has been widely met with ridicule.
Alex Swerdloff

A Single Coffee Drink a Day Could Ruin Your Entire Diet

Australians—and the rest of us—may unknowingly be consuming our entire daily sugar and saturated fat limits and half of our suggested calorie intake in our coffee.
Alex Swerdloff

Brits Are Embarrassed to Order the Coffee They Really Want

Just a snide comment or misspelling of your name scribbled on your coffee cup could leave even Alan Rickman with a Horcrux-sized identity crisis.
Alex Swerdloff

Jebena Buna Is the Only Way to Drink Ethiopian Coffee

After drinking my third cup in jebena buna, a traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony, my head is buzzing and my eyes are watering from the frankincense smoke wafting into my face.
Colin Cosier

In Cambodia, Coffee and Tea Come Together in One Cup

Pouring jasmine tea over coffee dregs sounds like a bad idea but in Cambodia, it’s a refreshing way to cap off the heavy Robusta blends favoured by street sellers.
Nathan A. Thompson

This Is Why Australians Hate Starbucks

Over the course of eight years, Starbucks opened 84 Frappuccino-slinging outlets across Australia, only to shutter 60 of them due to lack of customer interest.
Phoebe Hurst