coffee cups


Study Accidentally Doses Students with Caffeine Equivalent of 300 Cups of Coffee

They ended up in intensive care, hooked up to dialysis machines, and even experienced short-term memory loss.
Nick Rose

McDonald's Didn't Notice How NSFW Its New Holiday Cup Can Be, But the Internet Did

Is it meant to to be a pair of ivory mittens playfully catching a glistening snowflake, a middle-aged man about to begrudgingly get his prostate examined, or just a wee bit of regular old sexual conquest?
Alex Swerdloff

The British Government Just Rejected a Tax on Disposable Coffee Cups

Environment Minister Therese Coffey has rejected plans for a 5p charge on all takeaway coffee cups, which would have worked in a similar way to the plastic bag tax.
Phoebe Hurst

Six Years After Its Promise to Quit, Dunkin' Donuts Still Runs on Styrofoam

Back in 2010, in a corporate sustainability report, the behemoth coffee chain declared that getting rid of its foam cups was "the most prominent sustainability issue we must deal with."
Alex Swerdloff

This Company Is Turning Coffee Grounds into Coffee Cups

What if instead of getting buried into garbage bags, old coffee grounds could be recycled into something useful and sustainable? That's the goal of Kaffeeform.
Barbara Woolsey
Motherboard Blog

A New Technique to Strip the Plastic Film Off Trash Will Let Us Recycle Billions of Disposable Cups

The plastic-coated paper cup is a recycling conundrum, but one British paper company has a solvent plan to keep them from landfills.
Lex Berko