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Mysterious Coffee Grifter Has Sent the Same Weird Handwritten Letter to Hundreds of Roasters

Like if Portlandia had a failed coffee-extortion scheme episode.


MUNCHIES Presents: LA Coffee

Whether you like it hot or cold, bitter or sweet, light or dark, dripped or poured, Los Angeles’ robust world-class coffee scene has it all.


Wine-Infused Coffee Is Here, and It Might Be the Ultimate Hair of the Dog

This “secret art form” took two-and-a-half years to perfect.


The Life and Death of Portland’s Bike-Powered Coffee Roaster

Portland is known for bikes, coffee, and hipsters. If you put those three things together, you get a charm-oozing café fueled by a bicycle-powered, wood-fired coffee roaster.


Why I'm Willing to Risk My Life to Make Sure You're Drinking Good Coffee

I was recently a judge for a coffee competition in Rwanda when the country was falling into a civil war. A military coup was happening and there were tanks on the street. We heard an automatic rifle and one of the president's cousins was killed in...


Juvenile Delinquents Are Trading Crime for Coffee at This Rotterdam Cafe

In Rotterdam, a new cafe is helping young men turn away from lives of crime by giving them jobs roasting and serving coffee. But this ain't charity—they're making legitimately great coffee.