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How to Know What Kind of Therapy You Need

Depending on what you're going through.
Juli Fraga
mental health

When Your Therapist Breaks Things Off

It triggered the very loss issues I came to her to confront.
Rajul Punjabi

Having a Panic Attack While You’re Driving Is Terrifying and Dangerous

The next time was on a bridge. The time after that in traffic. Then on the highway. Soon the panic attacks were happening before I was even in the car.
Anna Brooks
mental health

This Mental Health Program Helps People Stay Out of Prison

It's based on cognitive behavioral therapy.
Michelle Malia

It's Getting Harder for People of Color Like Me to Inhabit White Spaces

Given everything going on in the world today, the likelihood that a thoughtless remark uttered by a person of privilege will drive me up the wall is higher than ever. And I'm not alone.
Naveen Kumar
mental health

ACT Is a Little-Known, Fast Treatment for Depression

Some psychologists believe that accepting your negative thoughts can help them pass faster.
Meryl Davids Landau
mental health

My Black Barber Remains My Therapist

Healthcare is in flux, but my haircuts never are.
Ryan Brown
mental health

Depressed People See the World More Realistically

And happy people just might be slightly delusional.
Stephanie Bucklin

You Can Now Tell Your Problems to a Robot

And it can actually treat you effectively.
Dyllan Furness
Work It Out

My Boxing Coach is My Therapist

No, seriously. She has the degree and everything.
Kat Lister
mental health

A Brain Scan Could Help You Choose the Most Effective Depression Treatment

And avoid frustration from not responding to therapy or meds.
Nick Keppler
mental health

A Psychologist Is Trying to Use Genetics to Predict If Therapy Will Work

A London-based Thalia Eley hopes to find genetic factors that could help advise patients on the best psychological treatment for them.
Stephen Buranyi