coke dealer

    • 10.6.15

      What It's Like Being a Female Cocaine Boss

      An interview with Raquel Santos de Oliveira, who took over her boyfriend's drug business after he was killed in a police shoot-out before developing a debilitating coke problem and getting out of the game.

    • 5.6.13

      An Interview with a Mexican Coke Dealer

      Julián is a coke dealer. He’s 44. He’s been working Mexico City for two decades. He agreed to take us on a ride-along as he worked. The phone never stopped ringing, not for a minute.

    • 10.2.08

      An Interview With My Coke Dealer

      We've all got dealers we like to call "our guys," but aside from their numbers, general delivery hours, and where they usually are at 1:30 AM Saturday morning, how much do we really know about them?