After years of decline, Mexico's murder rate is heading back to peak drug war levels

Renewed cartel violence in the first half of this year pushed up Mexico's murder rate by about 15 percent.
Nathaniel Janowitz

The Strongest Hurricane on Record in the Western Hemisphere Hits Mexico

Hurricane Patricia hits land along the Mexican Pacific coast and weakens rapidly. Initial reports suggest damage not as bad as feared, though risk of floods and landslides remains.
Reuters and VICE News

The Strongest Hurricane on Record in the Western Hemisphere to Hit Mexico

The Category 5 hurricane is projected to make land in the afternoon or early evening, with the storm's centre located somewhere between the resort city of Puerto Vallarta and the port of Manzanillo
Reuters and VICE News

Former Governor Shot in Mexican State Where Politicians Keep Dying

Fernando Moreno recovering from six bullet wounds, five years after another former governor was assassinated, and a decade since a sitting governor died in a mysterious plane crash.
Duncan Tucker

‘Only Two Cartels Are Left in Mexico,’ Government Official Claims

Mexico's chief criminal investigator said hundreds of smaller splinter cells continue to affect millions of Mexicans across the country. The statements were the most frank assessment made in years about Mexico's cartels.
Gabriela Gorbea and Andrea Noel

How the Jalisco New Generation Cartel Is Terrorizing the People of Western Mexico

Not even Mexico's famous tequila industry is immune to extortion and intimidation linked to the Cartel de Jalisco Nueva Generacion. On March 19, the group carried out another ambush on state forces, leaving 11 dead.
Duncan Tucker and Victor Hugo Ornelas