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The GOP is in the awkward position to help the media Trump hates

The bipartisan Journalism Competition and Preservation Act could help the same news outlets the president often uses as a punchline.


The Supreme Court may have just killed public unions

Without fair share fees, unions can't really function.


Graduate students at private schools can now unionize

Twelve years after a ruling forbidding grad students at private universities from unionizing, the National Labor Relations Board gave them the go-ahead Wednesday.


Grad Students at Private Colleges Can Now Unionize

In a landmark decision, the feds said graduate students who work as research and teaching assistants should be considered employees.


Rejected Statements from U.S. Soccer on Equal Pay

U.S. Soccer responded pretty poorly to the USWNT's EEOC complaint for equal pay. But could it have been worse?


The Supreme Court is Taking Up A Case That Could End Up Gutting Public-Sector Unions in the US

The nine justices are going to rule on whether public employees who aren't union members should pay fees to unions from whose work they benefit.


Why the NCAA May End Up Embracing College Athlete Unions

The NCAA celebrated last week's NLRB punt on Northwestern football players' unionization push, but if college athletes are ever recognized as employees, the association likely will reconsider.


Why Do LA Unions Want an Exemption to the New $15 Minimum Wage?

A major LA labor activist says workers should trade the higher minimum wage for the ability to collectively bargain.


The Issue That May Divide MLB and the Union

Fixing the rules for signing international amateur players will be a priority for the next baseball collective bargaining agreement.