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Turning Point USA Chapter President Booted After Declaring "White Power" in Viral Video

In the video, the student, identified as Riley Grisar, hugs a woman in bed while making the “OK sign” with his hand and says “white power.”
Tess Owen
White Nationalism

This preppy hate group is driving a huge spike in white nationalist propaganda at colleges

Last semester saw three times as many incidents as were recorded in the fall semester of 2016.
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free speech

DOJ steps in to defend student's right to tell other students they're going to hell

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Betsy DeVos thinks Title IX officers have more power than they do

Patty Crawford was a Title IX officer at Indiana University East in 2011 when the new policies regarding sexual assault were communicated to schools nationwide. VICE News sat down with Crawford for an explanation on the law’s history.
Conceal carry

Students can now carry concealed guns on campus in Arkansas

Louisa Oreskes
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Muslim Women Have Reported Harassment at College Campuses Since Trump Won

Campuses have also reportedly been marred with pro-Trump graffiti and lines like: "Fuck your safe space."
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Provocative Photos of a Female Artist Laying Down on Frat House Lawns

In her ongoing 'Fraternity House' photo series, Violet Overn applies her artistic magnifying glass to examine campus sexual assault and sexism in frat culture.
Diana Shi

Watch This 'VICE' Episode About the Evolution of the Recent Ebola Outbreak

In this episode from season three of the VICE HBO show, we investigated last year's Ebola outbreak, then headed to college campuse to learn how the schools dealt with the pervasive culture of sexual violence.
VICE Staff

How Campus Rape Became a National Scandal

Despite the recent outcry, experts believe rape has been commonplace at American universities for decades. So why are we just talking about it now?
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