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California's Game-Changing Plan to Get Student Athletes Paid

A new bill in California would give college athletes the right to their name, image, and likeness.
Steven Roberts
Alexander Stockton

Felicity Huffman, Lori Loughlin among 50 charged in college admissions scam for unworthy kids, prosecutors say

Prosecutors said they engaged in “large-scale, elaborate fraud” to create a “rigged system” at elite American universities like Yale, Stanford, USC, and UCLA.
Rex Santus

LeBron James's Documentary Accuses the NCAA of Screwing Student-Athletes

College athletics is a billion dollar industry—powered by unpaid talent with a slim chance of going pro.
Taylor Hosking
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The College Program That De-Stigmatizes Mental Health Care in Sports

TOPPS is a mental health program at UNLV specifically tailored to the individual needs of athletes geared toward optimizing performance in sports, and life.
B. David Zarley
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College ADs Are Busy Limiting Athlete Pay as Their Own Salaries Skyrocket

It's almost as if there's a connection between rising revenues, fixed on-field labor costs, and the people running college sports making more money than ever before.
Patrick Hruby
college sports

The NCAA May Loosen Transfer Rules That Shouldn't Even Exist

The association is considering making it easier for athletes to switch schools—​but so long as players are considered students and not employees, they shouldn't be restricted in the first place.
Patrick Hruby
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The Plot to Disrupt the NCAA with a Pay-for-Play HBCU Basketball League

The multibillion-dollar college sports industry exploits African-American athletes and has left historically black schools behind. Some people think there's a better way.
Patrick Hruby
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Sam Darnold Throws TD to a Wakeboarder from the Back of a Boat

And let's give love to the receiver for the truly ridiculous catch.
Mike Piellucci

Baylor's Interim President Was Just Another Part of the Problem

A recent deposition reveals David Garland to be willfully ignorant at best, and a coward at worst.
Mike Piellucci

Someone Is Finally Trying To Kill The National Letter of Intent

The College Athletic Protection Agreement could force institutions to be as bound to the players as the players are to them.
Mike Piellucci
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Amateurism Isn't Educational: Debunking the NCAA's Dumbest Lie

As legal battles loom, the college sports establishment argues that allowing athletes to be paid would hurt their educations. Here's why that's as preposterous as that sounds.
Patrick Hruby

Student-Athlete Prevented From Being Student Because He's An Athlete

Donald De La Haye did everything a college marketing major should do. His own school wants him to stop because of the NCAA.
Mike Piellucci