Köln Fans Storm Arsenal's Emirates Stadium, Delaying Match

The game has been delayed an hour due to a surge of roughly 20,000 fans of the Germany side. Yet only 3,000 of them have tickets to the game itself.


Try and Look Away From These Satisfying, Perfectly Looped Animations

German designer Branco Rooijakkers’s mesmerizing loops defy all laws of physics.


Stream Michael Mayer's Eclectic New DJ-Kicks Mix

The German artist weaves disparate genres and moods on the latest installment of the mix series.


Police Found 800 Pounds of Cocaine Hidden in a Banana Shipment

It's not the first time cops have busted people for hiding drugs in the fruit.


These Darkly Comic Collages Laugh in the Face of Fear

Wigged dachshunds, playful monks, and floating sausages fill the halls of Marlborough Chelsea for Werner Büttner show, ‘Poor Souls.’


Germany's Biggest Beer Rivals Actually Taste the Same, Study Says

Quack says the study shows that there is a connection between how something tastes and its color, brand and emotional meaning to the taster.


What Does Poland Think of This Offensive Polish Magazine Cover About 'Islam Raping Europe'?

According to VICE Poland editor Maciek Piasecki, most people in his country don't think it's a big deal.


Rape Was a Problem in Germany Long Before Refugees Arrived

The sex attacks in Cologne on New Year's Eve have stoked the flames of anti-refugee hatred in Germany. But many women's rights organizations say that the country's problem with rape and sexual assault goes far deeper than the refugee crisis.


Meet the Germans Taking Refugee Integration Into Their Own Hands — With Respect and Candy

VICE News visited Giessen, one of the registration towns for 10,000s of newly arrived migrants, and met the volunteers who are helping them learn about "German values."


How the German Media Reacted to News that a Swimming Pool Banned Refugees

In August 2013, the Swiss town of Bremgarten banned asylum-seekers from the local public pool. Last Friday, Bornheim bei Bonn in Germany did the same thing. This time the events were reported differently.


Swedish Police Allegedly Covered Up Sex Crimes at an Annual Youth Music Festival

Incidents of sexual violence have been reported at the Swedish festival since 2014.