A Hip-Hop Crew Rallies Youth with Peaceful Protest in One of Colombia's Most Dangerous Towns

A homegrown rap crew is fostering self-expression to give new life to the youth of the region.
Felipe Sánchez Villarreal

Mexican Governor of Deadliest State for Reporters Will Testify in Photographer Killing

It was the first sign that Javier Duarte might face judicial pressure to answer claims among Veracruz reporters that his administration is responsible for the killings of journalists.
Daniel Hernandez

Mexico Busts Giant Weed Greenhouses in Jalisco Allegedly Run By Team of Colombians

Authorities raided three sophisticated greenhouses growing genetically "improved" marijuana just south of Guadalajara, then incinerated the busted weed at night. 22 Colombian nationals allegedly worked at the site.
Duncan Tucker

Colombia Blames Twin Bombings in Bogota on Rebel Group ELN, Arrests 15

A coalition of human-rights groups said the 15 people arrested were mostly students and rights defenders in the 20s and 30s. The government has so far released no evidence directly linking them to the ELN.
Joe Parkin Daniels

Colombian President Says Rebel Group ELN Likely Behind Bogota Bombings

Initial evidence suggested the National Liberation Army was behind the Thursday explosives at two pension offices in Bogota that left 10 people injured, President Juan Manuel Santos said. But the ELN has not yet claimed responsibility.
Joe Parkin Daniels

Can a Truth Commission in Colombia Help Heal the Wounds of War's Atrocities?

Proponents hope a truth commission could offer closure to millions of Colombians affected by the conflict. Both sides are responsible for human-rights abuses, while distrust and resentment for past atrocities remain high.
Joe Parkin Daniels

Colombian Military Chopper Destroyed, Killing 4, in Rising Rebel Attacks on Oil Targets

The Black Hawk helicopter was carrying soldiers to safeguard a pipeline that had been struck by the FARC rebel group when a mine beneath it was reportedly detonated remotely.
Joe Parkin Daniels

Conflict Escalates in Colombia, Worrying a Nation Watching Delicate Peace Talks

The hemisphere's longest war saw escalating skirmishes this weekend. Ten FARC rebels were killed in a fresh airstrike on Saturday, and more than 350 civilians were displaced after last Thursday's airstrike in the Cauca.
Joe Parkin Daniels

Is Peace At Risk After Latest Attack on Soldiers in Colombia?

The Tuesday night attack in Cauca state left 11 servicemen dead, renewing fears among optimistic Colombians that an end to five decades of internal war is farther than hoped.
Juan David Ortiz and Joe Parkin Daniels

EsCaLa Ceviche Recipe

Crisp, light and refreshing tilapia and shrimp ceviche topped with a Colombian-inspired corn salsa.
Chris Oh

Missing Colombian Pilot Might Be a Victim of Venezuela's War On Drugs

Mario Nocove's family last heard from him on May 26. Two days later, Venezuela shot down a plane in a well-known drug smuggling corridor.
Rafael Castillo