colony collapse disorder


Popular Weed Killer May Be Responsible for Global Bee Deaths

An ingredient in the popular herbicide, Roundup, may be related to colony collapse disorder, say scientists.


The Beekeeper Who Makes Synth Music With His Bee Colonies

Bioni Samp translates bee behaviors and sounds into electronic music to help raise awareness of the ecological issues threatening them.


I Visited A CSI Crime Lab, But For Bees

Mail your dead bees here.


New Field Tests Find These Pesticides Are Harming Bees

It’s long been suspected this was bad for bees.


Teeny Bee Probiotics Can Help Prevent Colony Collapse

Researchers found that probiotics helped protect against infection and heat stress.


Bees Can Count to Four, Display Emotions, and Teach Each Other New Skills

Recent studies provide insight into the cognitive power of one of the planet’s tiniest brains.


Honey Bee Extinction Will Change Life As We Know It

If bees disappear, so will all of life's modern luxuries.


Bee Populations Seem To Be Bouncing Back In Canada, But Not in the US

44 percent of all US bee colonies died last year. Yikes.


Diesel Fuel Is Threatening Bees, But Hops Might Save Them

In addition to pesticides, mites, and poor nutrition, there’s a new problem: Diesel fumes can confuse bees’ sense of smell, making it harder for them to find food.


Why It's So Hard to Figure Out What's Killing the Bees

Researchers have been testing a number of theories, but the answer seems to lie in a confluence of interacting factors.


Yep, America's Bees Are Still Dying

In a comprehensive study released yesterday, researchers from the University of Maryland found that in the past year US beekeepers lost 42 percent of their bees. This is the second highest annual loss ever.