Which Columbia Professor Canceled Class Because They Poisoned Themselves With Cyanide? An Investigation

On Monday, a Columbia student tweeted that their professor canceled class because they poisoned themselves with cyanide. Here is our story.


Here's Spiritualized's 'And Nothing Hurt,' Their First New Album in 6 Years

The follow-up to 2012's 'Sweet Heart Sweet Light' is streaming at NPR this morning ahead of its release on September 7.


Dylann Roof's Sister Arrested for Bringing Weapons and Weed to School

A resource officer busted her with a knife and pepper spray on the same day as the National School Walkout.


Emma Sulkowicz: 2017's Sexual Assault Reckoning Is a 'Marker for Change'

The performance artist known for "Mattress Performance (Carry That Weight)" tells Broadly why this year marked an "historic example of the successes of intergenerational feminism."


Christopher Emdin Is Teaching Public School Kids Science Through Hip-Hop

“The liquid soluble that made up the chemistry. A gaseous element, that burned down your ministry.”—GZA on 'Liquid Swords.'


Columbia Spent $2.5 Million to Study Sexual Assault on Campus

After a national study found one in four college women have experienced sexual assault, Columbia University decided to do something about it.


Mizzou's QB Executes Sick Power Move By Drinking Water Bottle Thrown At Him

Hard to tell who's thirstier here: the fan hucking a water bottle at Drew Lock, or Drew Lock himself.


The VICE Morning Bulletin

Nine people were killed and 40 more were injured in Chicago gun violence over the weekend, LAX was evacuated after police received false reports of gunshots, the US accepts its 10,000th Syrian refugee, and more.


The VICE Morning Bulletin

Trump calls Clinton a "bigot" during a rally with Brexit leader Nigel Farage, an attack on American University in Afghanistan kills 12, Prince's home will be opened to the public, and more.


Photos from the Next Generation of Female Photographers

Columbia University's first all-female photography MFA class will be showcasing their work this weekend in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Here's a taste of what they've been up to.


Talking Weed Soda with a Dorm Restauranteur

In the latest episode of 'Tea Time with T. Kid,' our host is joined by Jonah Reider, a young chef who is sick of being described as the kid who transformed his dorm room into one of the hottest restaurants in New York City.