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The ‘Halo Drive’ Would Shoot Lasers at Black Holes to Explore the Milky Way

“If we can’t build something capable of delivering astronomical levels of energy, perhaps we could instead steal the energy from an astronomical object.”
Becky Ferreira
climate change

Plants are Losing Their Capacity to Absorb Human CO2 Emissions

A team of Columbia researchers finds that the climate tipping point may come sooner than we think.
Daniel Oberhaus

"I found myself staring at a swastika": A Jewish professor's door was spray-painted with anti-Semitic graffiti

The 77-year-old Jewish professor found large red swastikas spray-painted on the door of her office.
Tess Owen

Astronomers May Have Discovered the First Known ‘Exomoon’

A new study suggests that the Jupiter-sized planet Kepler-1625b may host a Neptune-sized moon.
Becky Ferreira
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How Columbia's Photography Students Protected the Picket Line

When the Ivy League institution's graduate workers went on strike, these classes decided to work in solidarity.
VICE Staff

Striking Black and White Portraits from Columbia's Canceled Photo Show

Students are using as an off-campus exhibition space in solidarity with the Graduate Workers of Columbia's recent strike.
Clara Mokri

Around 10,000 Black Holes Are at the Center of the Galaxy, Study Says

The supermassive black hole at the galactic core seems to have an abundance of smaller black hole friends.
Becky Ferreira
you're being watched

This Is How Much Marketers Know About You Based on One Facebook Like

A new study indicates that it’s incredibly easy to target ads based on users’ personality types.
Louise Matsakis
Garage Magazine

Vintage Photos by the NYPD's "Red Squad" Capture a City in Turmoil

A new exhibition traces the social and political upheaval of New York City in the 1960s and '70s through surveillance photos taken by a special police division.
Sarah Valdez
clean room

I Saw the Future in Columbia’s Nanotechnology Clean Room

I entered a fragile world of UV-sensitive research, nylon clean suits, and beard covers.
Caroline Haskins

We went hunting for a tick that could kill you

Ticks are usually associated with Lyme disease, but Powassan virus is deadly and our lack of knowledge about it is pretty scary.
Zeke Spector

'Mattress Girl' Emma Sulkowicz Is Back—And Channeling Her Rage Through BDSM

Two years after "Mattress Performance," Emma Sulkowicz continues to provoke. Her most recent piece, in which she was bound, berated, and hung from the ceiling, tackles the question of the value of art under the Trump administration.
Linda Yang