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European Genocide of Indigenous Peoples in the Americas Cooled Earth’s Climate

Some 50 million Indigenous peoples died during the 16th century, a collapse that caused atmospheric carbon dioxide levels to drop.
Becky Ferreira
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A Woman Called the Cops on a Black 11-Year-Old for Delivering Newspapers

It was the first day of his paper route.
River Donaghey
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Nine Shot in Shooting at Columbus, Ohio Nightclub

The incident marks the second major shooting at a Ohio nightclub within the last month.
Britt Julious
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Here's How You Can Join Women Protesting Trump Today

Women and allies from marginalized communities are protesting across 18 different US cities by skipping work and avoiding spending any money.
Lauren Messman

This Dead Squirrel Filled with 55% Alcohol Beer Only Costs $20K

Scottish brewery BrewDog is introducing its End of History beer into the American market, and each of the bottles will be tastefully packaged inside a dead rodent.
Jelisa Castrodale

Winston Hightower’s Home Recorded Tapes Sound Lo-Fi But He’s Hi-Fi In Everything Else

The enthusiastic and prolific young Columbus songwriter is your non-standard Ohioan.
Noisey Staff

Forget Columbus, Eratosthenes Disproved the Flat Earth Myth

He even calculated the planet's circumference almost perfectly. In 240 BC.
Michael Byrne

News Flash America: Christopher Columbus Isn't as Great as You Think He Is

It's time we take a minute to look at what this guy did wrong, some of which was pretty racist.
Mike Pearl

Cry-Baby of the Week: A Woman Called 911 Because She Didn't Like Her Chinese Food

Also this week: People are upset because they think a McDonald's Happy Meal toy is saying "fuck."
Jamie Lee Curtis Taete

LO-PAN's "Regulus" Is a Titanic Monument to the Power of Riffs

Stream the new track from the world-conquering Columbus quartet.
Kim Kelly
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The 69-Year Old Contractor That's Searching for Columbus' Lost Fort

On Christmas, 1492, Christopher Columbus’ Santa Maria ran aground on a reef somewhere in the Caribbean. He orded the timber salvaged to build a fort, and when Columbus set sail a few weeks later to return to Spain, he left behind 39 sailors in a new...
Derek Mead