Objectively Correct Lists

8 Pop Resurrections That Rivaled Jesus Christ (from the Bible) Himself

It's Easter, you see.
Lauren O'Neill
Dino Crisis

If There’s to Be a Dino Crisis Comeback, Please Make it a Terrifying One

If Capcom does choose to revive its survival-horror series, it needs to emphasize the scary side of it over anything else.
Ian Stokes
mental health

Landon Donovan’s Comeback Signals He May Finally Be at Peace

Donovan's thoughtfulness on a whole host of complex issues, including mental health and fame, has been virtually unparalleled in the American sporting landscape.
Aaron Gordon

Flop as Much as I Pop: How Jurassic 5's Soup Went from Living on the Streets to Making Music Again

“She asked me what I was doing there the days after Coachella,” he recalls. “I said ‘I’m cleaning those toilets, that’s what I’m doing here.’”
Daniel Kohn

The Greatest College Hoops Comeback You Never Saw

In March of 2007, Barton College, led by a future Harlem Globetrotter, shocked Winona State and the nation in the D-II title game.
Mike Vorkunov

Tom Coughlin's Weird Legacy, As Told Through His Greatest Upsets

Tom Coughlin was one of the most reliably intense hard-asses of his generation, sometimes a great football coach, and at his best when the odds were longest.
Joseph Flynn
reclamation projects

The Other Side Of Round: The Rejuvenation Of Raymond Felton

Raymond Felton has heard every fat joke in the book at this point. He's still round, but playing great for a Dallas team that loves him. Who's laughing now?
Jonny Auping

Tennessee Kicks Ridiculous Punt to Half-Yard Mark, Comes Back to Beat UGA

Tennessee capped off a 21-point comeback with a ridiculous punt. Yes, a punt!
Sean Newell

Google Glass Is Back and Taking a Cue from HoloLens

It’s business in the front, party in an undisclosed location.
John Wenz

The Philae Comet Lander Just Woke Up After Seven Months

"The lander is ready for operations."
Becky Ferreira
a beautiful struggle

Josh Hamilton Still Has Work To Do

Josh Hamilton is a tremendous baseball talent, and an addict. The Angels thought he was just an addict. Hamilton has both the time and ability to prove them wrong.
Jonathan Bernhardt
nick young explains it all

Why the Rockets' Game Six Comeback Was Impossible and Natural

In the third quarter, the Rockets looked like burnt toast. In the fourth, they burned the Clippers down. How in the world did this even begin to happen?
Corbin Smith