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Comedy Central's 'The New Negroes' Is Perfect for the Black TV Renaissance

The all-Black stand up show broadens perspectives on Blackness in layered ways.
Taylor Hosking

'Broad City' Gave Us the Loser Women We Needed

Loserdom is a universal state of being, yet it’s traditionally been played by straight, white men, for whom failure has the lowest stakes.
Annie Fell

Pretend 'Nathan for You' Isn't Gone Forever with These Deleted Scenes

Nathan Fielder's ambitious business strategy of rebranding smoke detectors as musical instruments is even wilder than you thought.
Beckett Mufson
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RIP 'Nathan for You'

Comedy Central says the show will not return, but maybe this is all just another elaborate hoax.
River Donaghey

Hannibal Buress on Quitting Drinking to End the ‘Messy Shit’

Why the comedian is trying to do things differently.
Sarah Hagi
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Watch Comedian Jim Jefferies Finally Shut Up Jordan Peterson

Meanwhile, when not getting schooled by a comedian, the free speech crusader launched a defamation lawsuit against Wilfrid Laurier University and three of its employees.
VICE Staff

The Most Revolting Moments from Jimmy Kimmel's 'The Man Show'

Before Jimmy Kimmel was hosting the Oscars, he hosted a show where he humped women on camera, made fun of their weight, and joked that Oprah had to do "a little more sock washing."
Steven Blum
Nathan For You

'Nathan for You' Is a Perfect Indictment of Late Capitalism

Nathan Fielder's Comedy Central masterpiece is perfect for our times.
K.T. Nelson
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Tiffany Haddish's Hilarious 'Drunk History' Schools Us on Art and Nazis

And features a surprise appearance from Tupac.
Anna Iovine
drunk history

Derek Waters Takes Us Inside the 'Drunk History' Christmas Special

Tis the season to get twisted.
Erik Abriss

Joel Kim Booster's Tough Journey from Closeted Gay Kid to 'Model Minority'

The writer and comedian's quick rise to success only came when he learned to parse the thorniest questions—like what it means to be gay, Asian and raised by Evangelicals.
Elyssa Goodman
Early Works

Doing Stand-Up Stoned Was the Worst Decision Kyle Kinane Ever Made

The stand-up comedian talks about being a shitty caddy, hating video games, and the unexpected benefits of suburbia.
Kyle Kinane