Comedy Writing

    • 7.1.14

      An Interview with Robert McKee, the God of Story

      Robert McKee has lectured on storytelling for three decades, and his book Story is the bible for screenwriters. Alec Sokolow and Tony Camin are a screenwriting team in Los Angeles. They recently called McKee to talk shop and discuss What the...

    • 6.20.14

      How Do You Write a Joke?

      Comedy isn’t as respected as other, more “literary” forms of writing, but it’s one of the most unforgiving. We talked to a few of these luminaries to ask them the toughest question in the world: How do you get people to laugh?

    • 8.14.13

      Deep Thoughts on Jack Handey's Days Writing for 'SNL' and His New Novel, 'The Stench of Honolulu'

      Jack Handey—who is indeed a real person, despite common misconception—is best known for his series of hilarious faux aphorisms, Deep Thoughts. Handey is also the writer of many of SNL's best sketches from the 80s and 90s. For the past decade...