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How Tattoos Saved These Indonesian Women from Sexual Slavery in World War II

A local marriage tradition in the island of Timor helped these women escape becoming comfort women during Japanese occupation.


Why Osaka just cut sister-city ties with San Francisco

Osaka's mayor is tired of asking the city to take down the “Column of Strength” statue in St. Mary’s Square


The Ongoing Fight to Honor Women Who Were Sex Trafficked During WWII

Advocates in the US are working to erect memorials that honor the tens of thousands of women sexually enslaved by the Japanese military during WWII. But organizers say their efforts are being suppressed by the Japanese government.


Haunting Black-and-White Photos Reveal a Brutal War Crime's Aftermath

'The Portraits of 108' is Jinhyun Cha's harrowing photographic series of surviving Korean “comfort women,” sexual slaves to the Imperial Japanese Army during World War II.


A Giant Donald Trump Rooster Invaded China | Last Week in Art

And Nintendo dished out a New Years miracle.


Traditional Asian Ink Paired with Cartoon Lines Create Larger-than-Life Comic Worlds

Korean comic artist Kim Jung Gi breaks out of the panel and into large scale illustrations.


Japan Issues Apology to South Korean Women Forced into Sex Slavery During WWII

Today, Japan offered an apology and payment as compensation for brutally forcing Korean women to work as "comfort women" for the country's army during World War II. Survivors say this isn't enough.


The VICE Morning Bulletin

States across the US were hit by floods, Japan agreed to pay Korean "comfort women" from World War Two, and Peyton Manning strongly denied using HGH.


Japan and South Korea Have Reached a Historic Deal on 'Comfort Women'

Japan has never apologized for forcing tens of thousands of women, many Korean, to work as sex slaves for its troops during World War II.


'History Is Harsh': Japan Isn't Saying Sorry for World War II

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe spoke to mark the 70th anniversary of Japan's surrender in 1945. He said his country inflicted "immeasurable damage and suffering," while making a veiled criticism of China.


Man Sets Himself On Fire at 'Comfort Women' Protest in South Korea

The elderly South Korean was hospitalized with third degree burns and breathing difficulties, after he set himself ablaze outside the Japanese embassy in Seoul on Wednesday.


South Korean ‘Comfort Women’ Threaten to Sue Japan for $20 Million in the US

A group of women who were forced into sexual slavery by the Japanese military during WWII is prepared to file suit against Japan in a California district court on July 1.