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Press Freedom

More journalists are being thrown in jail around the world for "fake news"

A new CPJ report blames Trump for the big spike in the past 2 years
Tim Hume

Turkey's Government Crackdown on Journalists and Social Media Has Crippled Freedom of Speech

Turkey's President, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, benefited from Twitter and Facebook but used his power to silence critics and journalists.
Alice Rowsome

Journalists keep getting murdered with impunity in Mexico

Mexico was the deadliest country without an active war zone for reporters
Keegan Hamilton

Mourning the Death of China's Nobel Laureate and Enemy of the State

Chinese President Xi Jinping has made himself an enemy of free speech following the death of political prisoner Liu Xiaobo.
Steven Butler

Local Journalists Need More Protection in Post-Islamic State Iraq

"Almost everything has been destroyed. Journalists are trying to stay safe, but snipers and landmines prevent them from moving freely. There is no stability and they cannot return to their normal lives."
Ignacio Miguel Delgado Culebras

Gianforte's Montana Body Slam is Part of a Dangerous Trend

The war on journalists and the First Amendment is bad news for us all.
Impact Staff

It's World Press Freedom Day, and the U.S. Is Setting the Wrong Example

The Committee to Protect Journalists says the United States must do better with that whole First Amendment thing.
Joel Simon and Alexandra Ellerbeck
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Samantha Bee Is Going to Roast Trump at the 'Not White House Correspondents' Dinner'

The 'Full Frontal' star plans to offer an alternative to the traditional event and will donate all the proceeds to the Committee to Protect Journalists.
Brian Moylan

Three Journalists Released After They Were Kidnapped by Colombian Rebels

Meanwhile, ongoing peace talks between rebels and the Colombian government have been repeatedly hampered by entrenched hostilities and kidnappings.
Tess Owen
asia & pacific

Press Advocates Say 'Mafia' Murdered Two Indian Journalists for Their Reporting

The two journalists were killed in India in separate incidents over a period of a less than 24 hours, reinforcing the country's status as the most dangerous country for journalists in Asia.

Somali Firing Squad Executes Two al-Shabaab Members Who Assassinated Female Journalist

Hindia Haji Mohamed, a producer and reporter for state-run radio and TV outlets, was killed last December by a bomb that was planted under the seat of her car.
Tess Owen
crime & drugs

Another Reporter Was Murdered in Veracruz, Mexico — And Journalists Are Terrified

Anabel Flores Salazar’s tortured body was found a day after she was kidnapped from her home. Local reporters say her murder may have been retaliation for her stories on the presence of the Zeta drug cartel in Veracruz.
Oscar Balderas