Trump's Aides Allegedly Add Errors to the President's Tweets for 'Style'

West Wing staff apparently imitates Trump’s voice by adopting grammatical errors and disorderly syntax in his uniquely primitive style.


How to Build Your Own Time Capsule

With a little data-driven forethought—potentially also some light biohacking—your ark might just transcend time.


Syrian Refugees' Faith and Narratives Endure Despite Intensified War and Displacement

Miles from the Syrian border, refugees fight to maintain spaces of community and healing.


How to Make a DIY Mini Cell Phone Tower Using Parts You Can Order Online

But to get it to work long range might be pricy.


Come back, Sean!

Following a shift in the Trump administration's media strategy, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer's briefings to reporters have been held on camera only six times in the past six weeks. We miss you, Sean.


Astronauts in Orbit Around Alien Planets Should Explore Surfaces With Robots and VR

“The historical presumption is that exploration means ‘boots on the ground.’ But we’ve gone way beyond that.”


#MeWeSyria is Battling Displacement with Social Media Storytelling

This UN and MIT-approved grassroots initiative lets refugees change the crisis narrative by using interpersonal communication.


Alleged Plagiarist Monica Crowley Turned Down Trump Appointment

The conservative author said she'll "remain in New York to pursue other opportunities" and won't take the National Security Council comms job.


Trump Taps Sean Spicer as Press Secretary

Hope Hicks, Jason Miller, and Dan Scavino will also join Spicer on Trump's incoming communications team.


The UK Just Legalized Mass Surveillance

On Tuesday, the UK passed its controversial new surveillance law, the Investigatory Powers Act, according to the Home Office.


5G Survives a Critical Test: The Backcountry

Engineers take millimeter-wave wireless into the wilds of southern Virginia.


How an Underground Mail Art Project Wove Through London in the 90s

Matthew Higgs’ ‘Imprint 93’ incubated a wide variety of experimental artworks.