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This FBI Snitch Loved Selling Out Her Communist Friends

The new book 'Undercover Girl' tells the lost story of photographer-turned-fink Angela Calomiris, who hoped for fame, money, and prestige, and got none of it.
Britni De La Cretaz

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto disputes Donald Trump's wall claims, a former Atlanta cop has been indicted in the fatal shooting of Deravis Caine Rogers, confidence in the US job market soars, and more.
VICE Staff

Anarchists Smashed the Windows of East London's Crappy New Jack the Ripper Museum

People are not happy with the new museum about a notorious murderer, which was originally supposed to be a museum celebrating the women of London's east end.
Chris Low

I Spent an Extremely Stressful Night in the Greek Parliament

Tension and disappointment dominated the Greek parliament as it prepared to vote on a new set of tough austerity measures.
Panagiotis Maidis; Words: Antonis Diniakos

Being a Stoner in Beijing Is Expensive, Dangerous, and Complicated

A recent government crackdown has made dealers and users nervous, but it hasn't stopped people from getting high in the Chinese capital.
Tim Hill

In the Jungle with the Montagnards, Vietnam's Persecuted Indigenous Minority

I met with a group preparing to cross the Cambodian border in an attempt to make it to the UN office in Phnom Penh.
Clothilde Le Coz

Chinese Street Artist Zhang Dali Evolves in New York

"I stopped spray-painting the Beijing streets in 2006," says Zhang, China's best-known graffiti artist. "Graffiti is the fashion in China these days and has lost its meaning as protest." Still, his new show in Manhattan is drawing plenty of die-hards...
Daniel Genis

Offline Activism Is the Tricky Part for #YesAllWomen

Over the weekend, an offshoot of the American Revolutionary Communist Party organized a series of #YesAllWomen-based rallies in Seattle, New York, Philadelphia, Portland, and San Francisco. The tweets were better.
Jules Suzdaltsev