Compassion Fatigue

Occupational Hazard

The Moral Distress of Being a Veterinarian

Many vets feel conflicted about pet owners' insistence on over-treatment or inappropriate requests for euthanasia, and it takes a toll: suicide rates in the industry are high.
Louise McLoughlin
mental health

The Health Repercussions of Being a Latina Nanny

Job insecurity, stigma, and the disparity in privilege are all factors that take a toll on women of color who work in childcare.
Sofia Barrett-Ibarria
mental health

Therapists Need Therapy, Too

Acknowledging and accepting what haunts me has helped me become more empathetic towards my patients’ emotional suffering.
Mariana Plata
Occupational Hazard

Working With Dead People Has Its Own Special Kind of Job Stress

People in the funeral industry can report high levels of stress and anxiety similar to caregivers. It's known as compassion fatigue.
Carson Kessler
mental health

Why Our First Responders Are So Burned Out

Their empathy can actually work against them.
Cindy Lamothe

This Is What Happens When Terrorism Becomes Routine

How many more killings in Europe until they stop making the front page of the newspapers, until spectacularized violence becomes as unspectacular as a car accident?
Sam Kriss
Motherboard Blog

Why Our Brains Simply Can't Handle Caring About the Republican Primary Any More

The hullabaloo surrounding Super Tuesday has now passed and... nothing's really changed in the Republican primary. Barbara Bush says this is “the worst campaign I've ever seen in my life.” That is quite a statement, considering she watched Lee Atwater...
Michael Arria