complex systems theory


Complex Systems Theorists Explain Why Democracy Is Dying

A team of mathematicians, physicists, philosophers and psychologists argue that the decline of democracies is poorly understood, but concepts from complex systems theory may offer a solution.


Commodity Traders Helped Spark the War in Syria, Complex Systems Theorists Say

New math shows that financial speculation caused the spike in food prices that led to war.


The Math That Shows Humans Could Live Ten Times Longer

A new model shows that evolution has programmed us to die—and that reprogramming isn’t off the table.


This Mathematical Model from 2006 Shows How Ebola Could Wipe Us Out

The complex systems theorist whose model predicted the Arab Spring has some grim predictions about the Ebola outbreak.


The Math That Predicted the Revolutions Sweeping the Globe Right Now

The complex systems theorists who predicted the Arab Spring built a model that predicted the unrest in Ukraine, Venezuela, and Thailand too.