America’s Most Environmentally Conscious Restaurant Happens to Serve Amazing Food

With its own aquaponics system and bar program designed to reduced water waste, The Perennial in San Francisco verges on <i>Portlandia</i> territory while serving top-tier food and drink.
Natalie B. Compton

How to Kill Your Lawn and Grow a Food Forest During a Drought

An experimental farming project at the Los Angeles Arboretum demonstrates that fruits and vegetables can still be grown in rain-deprived areas without weekly watering.
Clarissa Wei

This Startup Wants to Turn Diaper Waste into Fruit Trees

German startup Dycle, founded by artist Ayumi Matzusaka, aims to tackle the massive amount of diaper waste produced each year by converting it to nutrient-packed soil and planting fruit trees with it.
Elizabeth Rushe

Composting Pictures Is Nature's Photoshop

Ajay Malghan soaks his photos in dirt and water for a series called 'Collaborations with Nature.'
Beckett Mufson
Post Mortem

How to Avoid Being an Exploding Corpse After You Die

While death is certain, turning into a river of putrid muck is disgusting and unnecessary. Still, many funeral directors are bringing about this nightmare. Here's how to make sure you rest in peace.
Simon Davis

Could Pooping in a Box Save the Developing World?

For two decades, Joe Jenkins has been on a crusade to get people to save their piss and shit and turn that waste into compost.
Alexis K. Barnes

In Today’s Landfills, Food Is Embalmed for Decades at a Time

Food waste that is thrown into landfills has a dreadful effect on the environment. As rotting food decomposes it releases methane, a greenhouse gas that contributes to global warming. That's not the case with organic food matter in landfills because it...
Lauren Rothman