computer programming


This Computer Program Detects Cancer Earlier Than Ever—Without Surgery

CancerLocator could be used to pinpoint tumor locations even before symptoms arise, eliminating painful biopsies and increasing patient survival


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Benjamin Till's latest musical, "Beyond the Fence," is the first ever show to be designed by a series of computer algorithms.


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The World's First Computer Programmer Becomes a Comic Book Superheroine

In honor of Ada Lovelace Day, we spoke to Sydney Padua, who reimagined 19th century countess and mathematician Ada Lovelace as a feisty crime fighter.


$1.5 Million Worth of Tech History Goes to Auction

Bonhams New York is auctioning off an Apple-1, a Nazi Enigma machine, and a letter from Darwin stating he doesn’t believe in God.


SexyCyborg 3D Prints the Perfect Hacker High Heels

A Chinese hacker created pumps with a secret pen-test kit hidden inside.


What Is 'What Is Code?'

Behind the scenes of Bloomberg's 38,000-word opus.


Artist "Paints" with Artificial Life and Computer Viruses

Joseph Nechvatal's video and large-scale works explore the relationships between the technological and the biological.


MartyParty Tells All

In advance of his new THUMP column, the PANTyRAIDer gives us a tour around his purple life.