When Astronomers Chased a Total Eclipse in a Concorde

In the 1970s, a small group of astronomers used the first prototype of the Concorde to pursue a total eclipse across the Sahara at twice the speed of sound.


NASA Is Working on Supersonic Jets That Don't Boom So Much

Researchers with NASA are working to define a new standard for lessening sonic booms, and success would remove one hurdle to the return of supersonic commercial aircraft.


Plight of the Concorde

Remembering the Concorde, Flight 4590, and an insatiable appetite for jet fuel.


Flight 4590 Didn't Kill the Concorde, Costs Did

I have a friend who remembers flying the British Airways route to from New York to London. He recalled that it was a really noisy plane and the crew would hand out headphones circa WWII (But has this really improved?). There were four channels of music...