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Stacey Abrams Isn't Sorry She Once Burned Georgia's Flag to Protest Racism

Abrams, who would be the country's first Black woman governor, participated in the protest in college, when Georgia's state flag still included a Confederate symbol.
Marie Solis
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Desus and Mero Break Down the Keaton Jones Saga

The VICELAND hosts talk about the bullied kid's sharp rise and fall from fame.
Sarah Bellman

Meet the Guy Who Burns Confederate Flags at NASCAR Races

Political protester Gene Stilp isn't making any new friends with what he's calling an "educational effort."
Michael Goldberg
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Someone Plastered Confederate Flags and Cotton All Over American University

It's the second time this year racist symbols were found at the DC college.
Drew Schwartz
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A New Yorker Is Facing Eviction for Hanging Confederate Flags in His Windows

Though the flags have been up for months, neighbors have called on the apartment building's owners to take them down in the wake of the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville.
Drew Schwartz
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The Senate Votes on Health Care Next Week, Gird Your Loins

Your daily guide to what’s working, what’s not and what you can do about.
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The Confederate Flag Is Back Up at the South Carolina Statehouse (for Now)

A secessionist group hoisted the flag on a temporary pole two years after it was removed in the wake of the Charleston church shooting.
Drew Schwartz
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Removing Confederate Statues Won't Change America's Ugly Past

Symbolic victories may ease white guilt, but they won't put black kids through school or pay for their legal defense.
Amdé Mengistu
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A Georgia Couple Is Headed to Prison for Making Racist Threats at a Kid's Birthday Party

The state doesn't have a hate crime law on the books, but the judge called it an act of "racial hatred."
Brian Moylan

My Strange Afternoon Among Anti-Fascists Waiting for the KKK to Show Up

Protesters, including some anti-fascists itching for a fight, were prepared for the KKK to arrive in Danville, North Carolina. But the Klan never showed.
Drew Millard

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Trump renews promise to deport millions of immigrants, Michigan cop suspended for driving truck with confederate flag to Trump protest, Leon Russell dies at age 74, and more.
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NAACP Says Black Teen Had a Noose Tightened Around Neck in Mississippi Hate Crime

A local civil rights official wants the feds to investigate the incident allegedly perpetrated by multiple white students.
Lauren Messman