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Inside Canada’s First-Ever Flat Earth Conference

We went to see what would happen when the world's most well-known flat earthers got together.
Mack Lamoureux
virtual reality

For Virtual Reality Creators, the "Wild West" Age Is Over

The 2017 Vision VR/AR Summit spent two days in Los Angeles spotting emerging trends in immersive technology.
Charlie Schmidlin
virtual reality

Reality: Where Does It Go From Here?

The 2017 edition of annual VR and AR conference 'Versions' had a lot of feelings about our future relationship with tech.
Andrew Nunes

How My Favorite Video Game Characters Changed the Way I Dress

What the hell will I wear at this year's gaming conferences? It's a good thing I have iconic female avatars for inspiration.
Kaitlin Tremblay
VICE vs Video games

A ‘Live Blog’ of Every E3 Press Conference Ever

Join us anytime you like for what is, basically, every conference you'll see at any year's E3.
Ben Skipper
VICE vs Video games

E3 Press Conferences Are Just the Worst Thing Ever

Good god these rituals need to change, but E3 2015 is unlikely to be the year they do.
Dan Maher
VICE vs Video games

How Modern Video Game Coverage Has Reduced Critics to Human Punching Bags

War stories from the frontline of video game journalism, where change was afoot long before the sordid debacle of Gamergate.
Dave Cook

The Jehovah's Witnesses' Annual Convention Was So Organized It Was Creepy

They oversee everything and leave nothing up to the venue, including cleaning. It's a style of planning and teamwork that must be well practiced after decades of carving up a neighborhood into sectors, and knocking on every door.
Mason Miller
thump video

IMS Engage Isn’t Your Typical Conference

We can’t replay Diplo’s manager’s fight, but we do have Beatport CEO Matthew Adell droppin’ science.