This Is When I Realized I Had to Cut Ties With My Mother

The "last-straw incident" describes the moment of clarity people have when they know a relationship needs to end.
Harriet Brown
Military Service

People from the Middle East Tell Us All the Weird Ways They Avoided the Draft

"I spent months gorging on as much fast food as possible. I added mayo to everything I ate, and even had it on its own as a snack between meals."
Badar Salem

Social Media Is a Weapon of War. How We Use It Is Up to Us

"'Win' the internet, [and] you can win silly feuds, elections, and deadly serious battles."
David Axe
Rise Up

Stories of Real-Life Heroes, Not Politics, Empower This Advocacy Group

How 'I Am Your Protector' brings together traditional enemies for peace and a better world through achieving common ground.
Helaina Hovitz

Sexual Violence Against Women Should Not Be Used as a Weapon of War

Meet the doctors in the Democratic Republic of the Congo trying to save the country's most targeted community.
Alice Rowsome
mental health

How to Argue Online Without Losing Your Shit

Anger and electronics are both stimulants.
Philip Eil

'The Four Types of Conflict,' Today's Comic by Michael Kupperman

Michael Kupperman explores the four main obstacles mankind is up against.
Michael Kupperman
mental health

Apologizing All the Time Could Be a Sign of Anxiety

The urge is often involuntary—and has little to do with actual remorse.
Troy Farah
Twitter Rattling

Trump’s North Korea Tweets Aren’t a 'Declaration of War'

Remember: Technically, the president doesn't have the power, on social media or otherwise, to formally declare war.
David Axe

This College Course Teaches Students About War and Peace Through Food

Field trips to restaurants that serve food from other nations shows that breaking bread is about more than just, well, bread.
Matthew Kruchak
Rocket Science

Why You Should Be Skeptical of the US Military's 'Successful' Missile Defense Test

The missile it intercepted was probably moving slower than one fired at the US from North Korea would be.
David Axe
The Morning Bulletin

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Trump says pressure on Sessions is a "total witch hunt," Mike Pence used a private email for business as governor (and got hacked), tech giants back transgender teen's lawsuit, and more.
VICE Staff